Friday, August 26, 2011


Yes yes yes I know, it has been an incredible and almost ridiculously long time since I have been to blog land but with so many things happening in the world of Mrs Smileys, time just hasn't been on my side.

Mrs Smiley's Lockets is no longer! Fear not, we have been re-branded into Mrs Smileys which creates an almost ownership over everything I create by hand. With a new logo, new website and so much more, Mrs Smileys has taken a new yet original direction. Mind you, lockets will always be the major part of my jewellery pieces but I am also expanding into other jewellery pieces with the mixed media I use. I love being online as it allows me to provide more history and a story on the media I am using whether it be a postage stamp, dictionary or sheet music piece.

Checkout my new website and keep an eye out for the new blog which will be full of Mrs Smiley's treasures and even an input from the gorgeous Mr Smiley.